Fictional Beer Commercial – Law & Order

As much as this is a fake-commercial, it a also social commentary towards Finnish alcohol laws. Laws are really strict now, and in the beginning of 2015, things get even more stricter.

When I heard that laws are getting even more strict at the beginning of the 2015, I decided to include little social message into my fake-commercial rehearsal / Happy New Years-video.

I’m not saying that Germany is perfect, nowhere near that, but I do not think that the 24/7 available affordable alcohol is one of the nation’s biggest problems. A week ago, I was in Alten Försterei Football stadium with about 30 000 passionate supporter of 1.FC Union Berlin. This time the pitch was not crowded with football players, instead it was full with families, singing and cheering their beloved team. How many disorders I noticed or I have seen reported from that night? None. Was there alcohol service inside the stadium? Well, of course there was, and you could bring your own mulled wine or whatever you wanted with you. Bags were of course checked at the gate, but maybe a thermos jug filled with mulled wine was not the biggest security threat to the event. That event could never take place in Finland, because strict alcohol laws deny.. well, almost everything.

First idea was to include following elements into commercial:

  • Dr. Evil style Brewery boss holding a white cat
  • Scene that could be from Hangover, everyone wakes up and the flat is a mess
  • Shot drinking competition
  • Social analysis
  • And of course one or two really good one-liners – made with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voiceover.

It seemed that all of those elements could easily be fitted into 40 seconds of commercial, but then I realized that Sam Mendes & co are currently filming newest James Bond movie “Spectre” and that’s why all the angora cats in Europe are reserved for the movie. That basically ruined my whole screenplay, so I ended up using only fictional newspapers and beer bottles.





Here are the three different newspaper covers that I used in the video. As you can see, in Finland we like to be scared, especially about alcohol. That’s why government agencies create those silly laws to protect innocent citizens.






One extra-poster that was not used in final cut of the commercial


Hope you like the video. It was made with Adobe PhotoShop CC and Adobe Premiere CC.

Good link to read more about crazy alcohol laws in Finland


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